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Why Not Choose Silver for Your Wedding Rings?

Jul 28, 2009

by Kim Allarie

Purchasing the ideal wedding ring is an essential component of your marriage preparations. A wedding ring isn’t only a piece of jewelry; it has a much more meaningful implication as it is a symbol of your love and commitment to your partner. In today’s society, wedding rings are being made from a variety of materials, from the long-established yellow gold to modern titanium. But if you prefer a stylish and tasteful ring that doesn’t cost the world, then sterling silver wedding rings are the best option.

Silver is lightweight, durable, and non-allergenic. It’s also much less costly than some other metals, even though it looks just as lovely. This metal has been a fashionable preference for many styles of jewelry for many centuries. But only recently has it turned into a trendy choice for wedding rings. Well, that’s not totally correct. In various Christian religions, rings are exchanged at the betrothal ceremony, not the wedding ceremony, and the priest blesses them. Traditionally, the groom’s ring will be made of gold, and the bride’s from silver.

These days, sterling silver wedding rings have become surprisingly fashionable. A few of the more popular designs are Celtic designs and braided bands. Moreover lots of people like the refined way that silver looks when matched with diamonds, which is quite elegant.

One of the explanations for for the desirability of silver wedding rings is that they’re an innovative new concept, which appeals to individuals who are more modern in their preferences. One more explanation for their rising popularity is their low price. As well, they are easy to inscribe and also to resize if necessary. The reason is that sterling silver is more pliable than some alloys and also has a lower melting point.

Silver is also easy to care for. It’s easy to clean the ring with a soft material and moderate pressure. Just don’t use too much force when cleaning if you want to avoid scratching the metal. Many individuals use toothpaste to polish sterling silver jewelry but it’s actually not a good move since it can make the alloy look lackluster. And because silver is more fragile than some other metals, it’s critical that you avoid wearing it while using strong cleaning agents and chemicals so it doesn’t become tarnished.

A white metal like silver looks terrific with a wedding dress, especially when embellished with diamonds. On top of that, it goes with most formal attire better than gold does. And at a small part of the price of platinum, it’s not hard to figure out why silver wedding rings are more fashionable than ever.