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Sterling Silver Jewelry Necklaces

Aug 3, 2009

Women have been adorning their slender necks since ancient times with sleek necklaces with pendants and even without them. In every culture there are signature necklaces that mark the woman’s position in society. Like for instance the Egyptian Nubian women wear typical round mass of necklaces with fabulous long earrings. Indian women are known to wear exquisite necklace matching sets in gold, sterling silver, oxidized silver, burnished gold, platinum and even copper, shells and beads. Sterling silver jewelry necklaces are identified with many women who wear them daily to offices. They look elegant and just about attractive without looking ostentatious at work.

After being used for cutlery and the royal mint, sterling silver is being used in fashion jewelery. Sterling silver adds a class and style to a contemporary look. With sequined and crystal studded outfits gaining popularity, sterling silver jewelery is becoming fairly trendy in fashionable circles. They are quite chosen for a dainty look. Delicate chains with pearls, beads, or stones make an excellent contemporary look. Most of the trendy accessories
are designed in sterling silver. They are popular among men and women alike. Though women prefer such fashion jewelery, there are simple designs for men as well.

Select a classic sterling silver neck piece, which has silver beads all around. It’s absolutely stylish and gives an antique look. Necklaces moulded in the way are slightly heavier than those in current simple styles. Nevertheless they have their own charm.

With the alloy’s ductility, it is drawn into thin wires. Thus these chains are particularly fine and refined pieces. Byzantine designs are usually found in this jewelery made of this metal because of the alloy quality. A beautiful necklace is an up to date style. It is made of these chains, beads, pears or stones. Precious stones, crystals, pearls and beads in combination with sterling silver, perfectly suit any occasion and give a remarkable look. Gold may also be used in combination with this alloy to make beautiful pieces for the neck. Even a simple choker, can prove to be an eye catcher for others and worth complimenting.

In contemporary creations gemstones, beads, crystals and pears are used with sterling silver chains. The traditional designs have delicate floral or leaf patterns. That gives a more solid structure to the ornaments, giving them a regal finish. This jewelery is timeless and can be passed on to the next generation effortlessly.