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Personal Jewelry Gifts

Aug 12, 2009

Author: Tina Black

Every woman loves to receive jewelry. It doesn't matter if it's for a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary or if it's just an everyday I love you gift. Any token of thoughtfulness in the form of jewelry is one that is much appreciated. But just because you're giving jewelry, doesn't mean that you have to break the bank on pieces that will make her look great. She can achieve the same beautiful sense of style with jewelry that is affordable and just as fashion-forward fabulous.

Cubic Zirconium jewelry makes a great gift, especially pieces that are designed with birth stones in mind. If you know her birthday, you can easily find out what stone matches. Next, look for CZ jewelry in this same hue. Consider her everyday style and look for pieces that she gets the most wear out of. Questions to consider: Does she wear a lot of necklaces? Is she ever seen without a bracelet? Does she have pierced ears, and if so, does she favor drop earrings or studs? If you're not sure, you can always give the gift of a jewelry set. This is a great way to go, because your special someone can wear the pieces together or break them up to create different looks. In addition, jewelry sets get you the most bang for your buck. Plus, your lucky lady won't go wanting.

Another idea for the perfect jewelry gift is that of sterling silver. There's something about classic sterling silver jewelry that is chic and fashionable anytime of the year. It's versatility means that she'll be able to wear it to the office or out on the town. Typically, sterling silver jewelry has always been popular, but this year, it's experienced a real explosion, as an alternative to pricier gold pieces. Sterling silver jewelry can also be personalized with a statement of expression. You can have initials engraved, a message of inspiration or a private saying inside a locket. Whatever you choose, you can be sure this gift is one that she'll hold dear to her heart.