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NEWSLETTERS > Sterling Silver Jewelry: Affordable Elegance
Sterling Silver Jewelry: Affordable Elegance

Aug 24, 2009

Author: Kathleen Chester

Sterling silver is being hailed in recent times as one of those inventions that have revolutionized the world of fashion. Sterling silver provides all the elegance and glamor of silver at a price that can only be described as unbelievably affordable for fashionistas. Many companies are creating replicas of jewelry worn by celebrities using Sterling silver and cubic zirconium crystals.

Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of pure silver and some other metal, such as, titanium or copper. The presence of the other metal imparts a tint to the metal, and makes it look different from original silver. The brownish tint of copper or the blackish tint of titanium gives a new definition to the metal, something that allows it to look great in conjunction with artificial gemstones, especially cubic zirconium crystals.

Combination's of Sterling silver and cubic zirconium (CZ) crystals are quite popular among producers of imitation jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry, besides being affordable, adds a dash of elegance to almost any outfit. For instance, a pair of heart-shaped earrings made of sterling silver and embellished with cubic zirconium crystals can add an aura of subtle elegance to some of the best prom gowns available. Again, a sterling silver bracelet studded with numerous small zirconium crystals can turn even the most mundane corporate outfit into a head-turner getup in a crowd. Again, a necklace made of sterling silver and decorated with zirconium crystals can look very endearing in a family get together, such as a Christmas party or a Thanksgiving dinner.

Even some tiny jewelry pieces in sterling silver can work great for those occasions when you feel like going easy on the jewelry. For instance, wearing CZ stud earrings can be a good option for a day out on the beach. Sterling silver rings are also good, provided you don't stay in the water for too long. Sterling silver can get corroded by salty water, so it is important to keep these pieces of jewelry out of harm's way.

Sterling silver jewelry is not only affordable and stylish, but it is also pretty easy to shop for in online stores. Many prominent jewelry companies offer options of purchasing sterling silver jewelry through their websites. The customers are often offered exciting discounts on the already economic price tag, thus making the entire process pretty easy on the purse.

Sterling silver jewelry is here to stay; there can be no doubt about it. The sheer elegance and unsurpassed affordability make sure that the popularity of this type jewelry will only increase as time passes. So, don't wait. Get your very own collection of sterling silver jewelry today.