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Why is Silver a Beautiful Jewelry Base Material

Sep 9, 2009

The metal silver has been a popular material for jewelry and decorations since ancient times. Respected scientists have even found out that it was used before medieval time to make jewelry for men and women.   
There are several reasons to why the metal silver is such a popular material. To begin with it is beautiful, but it is also reasonably cheap to buy compared with other materials like gold. Silver is also not very hard and therefore relatively easy to shape. Totally unlike precious stones, our jeweler can shape it using simple tools.

Not all silver is of the same quality. Good quality silver is usually made of sterling silver, which has a content of silver of at least ninety two point five percent. Jewelry made from real sterling silver is usually stamped 925 due to the amount of silver.In case you buy jewelry made of silver, it is very important to check that it does not contain nickel. A lot of people are allergic to nickel. If you spot itching marks while wearing silver jewelry, it is very often because you are allergic and wearing something that contains nickel.Because silver is relatively cheap, it must never be necessary to purchase silver with nickel in it. Many times, you can see wonderful silver jewelry that may cost less than dinner at your favorite cafe. Because of the low price of silver, it is surely possible for most people to have many pieces of silver jewelry, so they can always choose a piece that matches their dress and the way they feel.

It is mostly the design that determines if jewelry can be worn by men or women. If silver is combined with a bit of real gold, it really has a tendency to seem more feminine and better suited for female users.

Oxidation is also an option. The oxidation process is completed using some liquid that colors the surface black and very different from ordinary silver jewelry. If it becomes more beautiful or not is a matter of personal taste, but I must confess that I really like it a lot.

Whether your silver has been oxidized or not, you need to give it a bit of maintenance from time to time. This is easily done with a small piece of cloth and a bit of liquid, so it shouldn't take more than five minutes unless you have obsessive piles of silver jewelry to clean.