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Sep 26, 2009


The intensity of the color is given by the quantity of iron inside the crystal structure, so it can vary from yellow-green to olive green or brownish-green. The most rare and with the highest value is considered the peridot colored in dark olive green. Sometimes, this gemstone is mistaken for emeralds, or other green gemstones. Bearing such an amazing resemblance, it is understandable why sometimes peridot sterling silver jewelry is mixed up with emerald jewels.

Peridot is known from ancient times and it is considered to have positive effects on the emotional balance, helping when it comes to healing past wounds. It is believed that this gemstone represents a visionary stone, contributing to the understanding of destiny and ones purpose in life. More than that, negative vibrations are released and clarity is brought in people's lives. What is really interesting about this stone is the fact that peridot represents one of the very few gemstones that is found sometimes inside meteorites.

All these positive effects are combined with aesthetical influences and the results are materialized into wonderful pieces of jewelry. Peridot jewelry, with its calming green color charms everyone. Silver jewels underline the extremely beautiful olive or lime green color of peridot. It is a wonderful combination, no matter if the jewel is a ring, a bracelet or a pendant. Women who are passionate about jewels designed in bright colors adore wearing peridot earrings. The beautiful green color has a great impact and their being admired only makes women feel more wonderful.

Peridot rings are wonderful items, no matter if they are made with one stone or more. Such jewels are appreciated for the beautiful design, the fine details and the way the natural beauty
of the gemstones is underlined. So, people must pay attention when they buy jewels with peridot gemstones. It is a complete joy to wear peridot jewels, maybe because of the peaceful and bright color of the stone. There are people who may believe that prices are too high for these jewels, but in fact they're not. Online virtual stores have something different to offer to every customer, whether that person has a limited budget or not.