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Finish Up Your Look with 925 Sterling Jewelry

Oct 10, 2009

Nobody was born with an impeccable sense of style. Fashion sense is not something that one is born with but is something that one develops after many experiments with different styles and how it looks on your body.

One way to boost your outfit or make it more interesting is by wearing 925 silver jewelry. Women have turned to wear 925 silver jewelry to enhance their natural beauty since long ago. Women have adorned their hairs, necks and bodies with precious stones and other gems. Jewelry connotes the status of a woman and an adorned woman has a higher status in society.

Now we find ourselves with a multitude of jewelry to choose from. If our forefathers had trouble finding precious stones and gems for sterling silver jewelry, we on the other hand, are having problems choosing. When do we know what kind of sterling silver jewelry suits a particular occasion? Not just that, is there any ruling in wearing silver jewelry at all?

Tips in Choosing the Right Jewelry

There are three things that have to be taken in consideration when trying to find out if a particular 925 silver jewelry suits you or not – and these age, height and build.

When it comes to earrings, height plays an important role. Tall people with long swan like necks could play with long, dangling earrings. If you happen to be the opposite, being petite and not too high, try to stick with small earrings like chunky button earrings.

Women preferred rings not only for aesthetics but because they represent something important in their lives. What is significant to remember in wearing rings is that you should never wear two rings in the same finger. You can mix metals like you can wear gold and silver ring just while they are of the same style. Don’t wear one with thick bands and another with a delicate one.

Bracelets and bangle are usually worn on the right arm. If a bracelet is only made of one segment and has no precious stones in it, then you could let it dangle while a bracelet with precious stones shouldn’t be allowed to dangle. It’s just common sense – you wouldn’t want to find your bracelet missing a stone or two now, would you?

When it comes to necklaces, the most common dilemmas are whether to wear them over high necked or low cut clothing. Also, there is a right length for a necklace that is appropriate for a certain style of dress. If your necklace falls just below your collarbone, then a plunging neckline would suit it very well. Just remember not to wear a necklace that falls on the top of your bust with a dress that has a plunging neckline.

Finally, you can wear a combination of fashion jewelry but try to stick to the following combinations as much as possible – “earrings + bracelet” and “necklace + ring”. Also, avoid wearing more than two rings at the time particularly at work for some might consider this to be excessive. With diamonds, it is always better to be safe and just save it for night events.