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How to Keep Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Oct 31, 2009

Submitted By: Shelley Thompson

You like to collect sterling silver jewelries. They not only are the best forms of jewelry at a reasonable cost, they also bring out your style and personality! But you want to keep it like it is brand new. Although sterling silver may tarnish through time…unlike other plated jewelries they take more time to tarnish and there are a lot of ways to actually maintain its’ shine and elegant look like it is brand new. If you are a lover and a fan of sterling silver jewelry it is best that you know how to keep it clean and how to store it properly to be able to preserve the good qualities of sterling silver and prevent sudden and early look of dullness and tarnish and prevent it form also looking dirty.

First you have to choose the right clothe to rub or wipe on your sterling silver jewelry. You must use 100% cotton cloth and you must also clean and rub it gently making sure you don’t cause friction and thus resulting to a scratch. Be extra careful and never use other clothes that have rough edges or can create uneven friction on your jewelry. To clean hard to reach areas in your jewelry, you can use soft bristled toothbrush.

Never use household chemicals to clean your sterling silver jewelry. Never use baking soda or toothpaste in cleaning your jewelry pieces. There are many products in the market that can be used as cleaners for sterling silver. You can find silver cleaners that can help get back the shine and lush of your sterling jewelry pieces. But also consider other factors when purchasing such products. If your sterling silver jewelry has gemstones, they could get damaged if you used some cleaners. If you are unsure with the product it is best to contact the manufacturer or have a trusted jeweler help you out. Jewelers can give you some tips and good advices on what to use and what not to use on certain jewelry pieces.

If you just want to remove dust, dirt and finger print on the surface of the jewelry you can use a mild detergent and lukewarm water and wash it, using cotton cloth. Be sure to handle it with care and wash it properly.

Store your sterling silver pieces in a separate cloth pouch bags. It can protect your pieces from moisture. If you won’t use it for a long time…it is best to store and keep it on zip plastic bags to keep it dry and sealed. If you will go t the beach and stay out under the sun or be submerged in water like during swimming it is best that you don’t use it because exposure of the pieces under the sun and water can tarnish sterling silver quickly and certain chemicals in the pool and salt water can make changes on your jewelry pieces.

Be always careful when you use your sterling jewelry pieces…make sure that you don’t scratch them or make friction which can damage the surface of your jewelry pieces. And whenever you take them off, always rub them with cotton cloth and store them quickly, do not wait for the mood to set in or have it exposed to friction or mishandling.