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Creative Ways To Wear Your Sterling Silver Pendant

Nov 4, 2009

Creative Ways To Wear Your Sterling Silver Pendants

When you think of a sterling silver pendant, you may think of using it exclusively on a necklace. While this is the most obvious and original use, there are a number of ways that you can display your sterling silver pendants with a little creativity.

First and foremost, your sterling silver pendant is a precious metal. It's durable, hard-wearing and this means you can maximize your wear without compromising the quality of your jewelry. With this in mind, consider using your sterling silver pendant as a charm. If you own a rolo bracelet, you can attach your pendant with a simple jump-ring. If you own any type of bracelet that will accommodate the bail of your pendant by placing it into the clasp, you will have the instant look of a charm bracelet. Best of all, you can easily remove the pendant and place it back on your necklace and this maximizes your jewelry wardrobe in a way that's truly 'charming.'

If you have pierced ears, you may also be able to use two identical sterling silver pendants as charms by placing them on hoop earrings. Many bails will easily slide over the tube of a hoop earring, which gives you the instant look of earring charms. The most important aspect of this approach is to make sure that the pendants aren't so heavy that they pull the earring down or cause you discomfort. For this approach, a lightweight pendant is the best idea and will give you the best results.

When worn traditionally, sterling silver pendants are beautiful. If you want to enjoy the look of a necklace but desire a more updated look, the task is simple. You can created a multi-strand necklace by threading several chains through the bail and wearing them as one necklace. If you're still in the mood for a different style, consider wearing your sterling silver pendant on a single necklace that measures 16" or 18". You can then frame this ensemble by adding a plain necklace that measures at least 2" longer than the one featuring your pendant. This gives you an updated look that's sure to be on trend and in style.

In conclusion, your sterling silver pendants can provide you with a stunning look in neck wear and they can also offer you versatile options when it comes to other jewelry items. By changing the look of your collection by simply using each piece to its greatest potential, you are truly getting the best value for your dollar.