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Sterling Silver Jewelry - Elegant and Affordable

Mar 26, 2010

By Kathleen Chester

Sandra Bullock was widely praised for her sense of style at the 2010 Oscars. Although she did not wear anything gaudy, she managed to stand out in the crowd. There is a common notion that the stars look good in almost whatever they wear because they are good looking people. However, this is not true. Many actors and actresses are remembered for their poor sense of style at such award functions. Along with her Marchesa dress, the magical look that Sandra Bullock managed to achieve came from silver jewelry that she chose.

Irrespective of the gender or age of the wearer, sterling silver jewelry looks good on them. The fact that it is so inexpensive in spite of being a precious metal enables people to make their own collections according to their budget, needs, and style. Another advantage of these ornaments is that they go very well with any skin tone.

If you are a woman, you can easily make a style statement by sporting a turquoise set in silver ring.If you need ornaments to wear to work, you may opt for sterling silver jewelry like bracelets and plain earnings. A classic watch would be the perfect complement to such ornaments. In case you can't figure out what to wear to parties in the evening, just opt for a pair of earrings with sparkling diamonds. In spite of looking quite expensive, the pair will not actually cost much.

As mentioned earlier, these ornaments are good for people of all ages. Sterling silver jewelry like bangles, waist chains, stack-able rings, and bracelets are a rage among teens. Ornaments with retro designs have also captured the imagination of this generation. Men have also discovered the magic of sterling silver jewelry. Some of the most popular items of men's jewelry like studs and rings are fashioned out of this relative inexpensive but eye-catching metal.

Some people avoid this metal because they feel that it will tarnish. However, if preserved properly, sterling silver jewelry remains untarnished for a very long period of time. Since this metal tends to get tarnished if exposed to air for too long, you should store it in tarnish-proof cloth in an airtight container. You should also keep these ornaments away from wood because some varieties of wood have acids that may spoil the finish.