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NEWSLETTERS > A History About Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry
A History About Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry

Apr 23, 2010

A History About Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry

Apr 18, 2010 – Sterling Silver, or .925 Silver, is an alloy that is made of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Pure silver is too yielding and compliant of a metal to be made into necklaces or any other ornamental chunk. Therefore the most communal form of silver that is worn in day-today life is excellent silver. There is also Mexican Silver, which is actually more unmixed than the worthy kind and is made of 95 percent silver and 5 percent copper. Brittania Silver, another silver alloy typically worn in silver plates and bent plates, is made up of 95.8 percent silver.

Silver has been known of since the Book of Genesis, where it was first mentioned. There is historical facts that silver was being separated from pointer as early as 3,000 B.C.E. Although this metal is (somewhat) harder than gold, it actually has been and still means fewer in esteem than gold.

Ancient Greece first worn sterling silver to make coining, although it is no longer used in current penny. Silver has been used in the making of adornments for the body since these olden time as well. The metal became a character of wealth during the Renaissance when silver was used in ornamental pieces to be displayed in the home or in churches. This eventually led silver to be used in the making of banquet ware. During the 19th century, steep and fashionable flatware and other builds were made of silver in wealthy homes.

When the New World was being discovered one the major attractions to this new place were the discovery and abundance of not only gold but also of sterling silver 925. It was said the conquistadors in Mexico during this time used silver instead of iron in their pigs’ horseshoes because of the abundance of this metal.

Nearly everyone has heard of the gold gust on the Pacific Coast during the 1800s, but it is also slighter known statement that there were many silver rushes in the United States and Canada during the same time episode. These rushes were also in the western part of the United States, mostly in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and California. This metal also contributed significantly to the thrift and helped to originate an enhance of settlers in the western part of the country.

Silver 925 played a large part in the annals of the United States. Before the country converted to the gold mean, in 1900, it was actually based on the silver stock. Silver was used to make coins, flatware, ornaments and folk art. There are many political interpretations of the legendary book The Wizard of Oz proverb that the fairy tale was based on the time when the country was converting from the silver to the gold streamer (Dorothy’s red slippers originally silver slippers).

Silver coins sustained to be used in the United States awaiting the 1920s, but silver could still be found in coins till 1964. In 1965 925 sterling silver jewelry was aloof from all money in the country. Today, the only silver that you can find will be in authentic silver trinkets and other ornamental pieces found throughout the home.